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Bucks Meadow

Watford Borough Council’s consultation response on the Bucks Avenue application…

Bucks Response 1.png

Bucks Response 2

3 comments on “Bucks Meadow

    12 September 2017

    Hi As this is literally on my doorstep how can I see the entrance 4933/001 As that is my boundary wall


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    • Andrew Head
      12 September 2017

      Go on to the Hertsmere council website planning permissions page and in search put in the reference 17/1260/FUL – that will bring up all the drawings and correspondence

  2. Brian and Jane Richards
    18 September 2017

    Very disappointing. The 24 property scheme was, while still unwelcome by residents, acceptable and in decent taste. The 27 property scheme is nasty, mean, cheap looking and devoid of the amenity features negotiated by OVEG and included in the 24 property scheme.
    We still maintain that the site access arrangements, notwithstanding the proposed modifications, are inadequate and potentially dangerous. Over the last few days the site has been visited by;
    a) a Fire Service vehicle which did not actually enter the site – we don’t know if it found the arrangements satisfactory or not and WBC should check with the Fire Service
    b) several very large vehicles including a huge truck and trailer combination. All have had some difficulty in accessing the site; the truck and trailer finally managed to reverse in but took several attempts, blocking the Bucks Avenue/Sherwoods Road junction in the process for several minutes.
    All these visits showed, in our view, that the access arrangement overall width, which will not be increased by the proposed modifications, is simply inadequate. Are WBC or HBC prepared to indemnify residents against personal or property damage caused by future use of the access by Construction vehicles, or otherwise provide some protection? We believe that they should do so, having been warned by a large number of residents and others about the inadequacy of the arrangements and having chosen to ignore such warnings
    Shanly Homes plans show complete contempt for the views and expectations of local residents and are clearly motivated by the desire to milk the last penny of profit out of the scheme.
    We welcome WBC’s criticisms of Shanly’s scheme but are disappointed that these are prefaced by a “no objection in principle” statement. HBC can simply ignore these criticisms, having already, as we understand it, approved the scheme.
    WBC’s “we would wish to see….” preface to the conditions it wants imposed is disappointingly weak; surely WBC is in a position to DEMAND at least the entry modifications, modest though they may be, as this is WBC land, and to take a stronger line on the other criticisms.


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