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Oxhey Park North

The deadline for comments on the proposed Oxhey Park North development is 6th November.



3 comments on “Oxhey Park North

  1. Gerry Barker
    4 November 2017

    I would recommend a park keeper should be employed.

  2. Susanne
    6 November 2017
  3. Andrew Head
    6 November 2017

    Yes it’s all been agreed in private meetings in the town hall. £3 million to be spent on this, when there is already a skateboard park in the town centre. That’s a £100 for every family in Watford or about 50% of this years Watford council tax. Unfortunately it will rather divisive upsetting many and be welcomed by many. As it is a done deal let’s hope the council have put aside enough resources to maintain it and to maintain the existing park.


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This entry was posted on 3 November 2017 by in All News, Planning News.