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Bin Collections

Because of the icy weather today, it has not been safe to make the normal refuse collections.  If your bins were due to be collected today, please leave them out and Veolia will aim to collect them tomorrow, as long as the weather has improved.

There will be no green waste collections this week.  This is so the crews can focus on collecting black and blue-lidded bins. Please put your green bin out next week on your usual green waste collection day and it will be collected.

Please leave your bins out as usual for the rest of the week until it has been collected. This may be the day after your usual collection.

Source: WBC

3 comments on “Bin Collections

  1. Clayton
    13 December 2017

    Thanks for sharing this

  2. Adrian Watkin
    13 December 2017

    Thanks for info-the binmen do a great job!

  3. Daniel Ryan
    13 December 2017

    Not Green Bin day next week!



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