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Lower High Street Roadworks

Highway improvement works at the Lower High Street and Dalton Way junction are planned in the new year. These aim to improve the flow of traffic into the Dalton Way gyratory around B&Q from Lower High Street in both directions. The works include: reducing the size of the traffic island to allow two lanes of traffic to turn right into Dalton Way; new signals; new zebra crossing; lighting; signage and re-surfacing of the road and footway.

The works will be a mixture of day and night working to minimise the impact on traffic locally and the wider road network. The works will take 8 weeks to complete overall and will start on the night of 2 January 2018 and complete on the 23 February 2018.

To minimise impact on the surrounding road network significant parts of the work by using lane restrictions only. This means that, whilst, the road will be restricted it will be open to traffic for the majority of time. The two road closures that are required will be restricted to overnight between the hours of 10pm and 5am to minimise disruption.

The planned closure dates are:

  1. Lower High Street/Dalton Way: 2 – 5 January 2018 10pm to 5am (closure of Lower High Street from Dalton Way to Bushey Arches);
  2. Lower High Street: 5 – 21 February: 10pm to 5am (closure of Lower High Street from Dalton Way to Bushey Arches);
  3. Lower High Street: 22 – 23 February: 10pm to 5am (closure of Lower High Street north bound between Bushey Arches & Dalton Way) and
  4. Dalton Way: 22 – 23 February: 10pm to 5am (closure of Dalton Way from Lower High Street)

Diversions will be in place and clearly marked. Vehicles over 14’3” should use A4008, A41(S) & A411.

If you have any issues or questions there will be a 24 hour emergency contact – Tel: 0747 1140879 or email: info@riverwell-regeneration.com

Source: Oxhey LibDems

One comment on “Lower High Street Roadworks

  1. Peter Browne
    22 December 2017

    This looks very much like solving a problem that does not exist, whilst ignoring the bigger issue of Bushey Aches congestion.
    If the road is being widened why not make two lanes southbound from the Dalton Way junction to Bushey Arches and start to address the real issue of congestion?
    Things are bad enough now but if the several additional developments in the close vicinity are approved, there will be constant logjam southbound to Bushey Arches.
    I would like to understand the logic for the current proposal!


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