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Xmas Bin Collections

Most Oxhey residents have their bins collected on Tuesdays. For the next two weeks our collection day will be Thursday. The following week our collection will be on Wednesday 10 January rather than Tuesday 9 January. After that things will return to normal.

Xmas bins 2017

Recycle Right at Christmas

Over the Christmas period, you may accumulate extra waste that can be recycled. Please use a clear or labelled bags and leave next to your blue-lidded bin for collection.

Wrapping paper – recycle any plain wrapping paper in the blue-lidded bin. Put plasticised, wax coated, glittery or foil type wrapping paper in the black bin as these cannot be recycled.

Christmas cards – recycle any plain cards in the blue-lidded bin or why not cut up and reuse as gift tags next year.

Real Christmas trees – recycle in your green-lidded bin or leave next to the bin (trees 6ft and over should be cut in half).

Glass jars – used for things like cranberry sauce and mincemeat can be recycled, give them a quick rinse before putting them in your blue-lidded bin.

Source: Oxhey LibDems


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This entry was posted on 22 December 2017 by in All News, Local News.