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4-6 Lower Paddock Road

A revised planning application has been submitted for the land to the rear of 4-6 Lower Paddock Road.

Find out more and have your say by 2nd January HERE

LPR letter.png



2 comments on “4-6 Lower Paddock Road

  1. Adrian Watkin
    29 December 2017

    This could be the precedent for other unsuitable developments of this nature- after all conserving the area and its Victorian identity/heritage is why it’s conserved.

  2. Bob Westgate
    30 December 2017

    I object to this proposal ref – 4-6 Lower Paddock Road. There doesn’t seem anything much that has changed from the previous refused scheme. The only thing it seems to me is they looked to have increased in size. They also would have a terrible impact visually on the area and infill of this kind should not be allowed. Whilst helping to destroy Oxhey Village Conservation Area , again it puts further strain on local services such as Doctors surgeries /Schools/Parking.


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