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4-6 Lower Paddock Road

Most of you will know by now that last night Watford Borough Council’s Development Management Committee voted 5-4 to approve the application to build 3 houses in the back gardens of 4-6 Lower Paddock Road.

Steve Clarke who lives opposite where the new development will be, spoke eloquently about the nonsense of a conservation area allowing the building of three unwanted houses, whilst denying a young family in a neighbouring house the chance to make it warmer and safer through a small porch. Steve told the committee that he had 28 letters from developers seeking to buy his back garden and that approving this development would set a clear precedent.

Steve was strongly supported, not only by Councillors Peter Taylor and Iain Sharpe, but by forty local Oxhey residents who left the Town Hall disgusted and angry. Clearly the decision of the Council raises many questions about what the point of the conservation area is, but we want to listen to the views of our members and take advice on this.

We also believe that this is not the end of the matter and it is possible that the developer may sell the property with its planning approval and we may be faced once more with an even worse application than the current one.

There are no minutes to the meeting available at the moment, but we will publish the voting record of the Committee members for those who are interested. Please do let us know what you think.

Members might also like to know that the Committee passed the plans for the cafe and skate/cycle/play facilities in Oxhey Park North. They also approved the construction of a 17 storey tower block that will overshadow the Estcourt conservation area in central Watford.


The planning application can be viewed HERE

4 comments on “4-6 Lower Paddock Road

  1. Andrew Waite
    1 February 2018

    Interesting developments and they echo the documentary on t.v. last night where half the community wanted to preserve nature and half wanted to expand.
    The issue, as with most developments, is that property sales prices are beyond the reach for those who wish new housing developments to take place, thinking they will be able to buy somewhere cheaper.
    There is a false impression that new build will mean lower house prices when in fact it simply bolsters an existing property market. Good for those who have property – not good for those wanting and needing a home.
    Perhaps OVEG could instigate an awareness raising that new developments will still mean high property prices?
    Regardless of the number of low percentage shares of a property which will then stagnate (in investment terms) whilst remaining difficult to sell to a miniature housing market of those new buyers wishing to buy a small percentage of a used home when other new shared ownership is more tempting.
    I feel sorry for people who are getting stuck with shared ownership homes and are not allowed to rent them out – a stale mate of frustration for them.

  2. Adrian Watkin
    1 February 2018

    Is there any point in the conservation AREA?

  3. Andrew Head
    2 February 2018

    The Oxhey Councillors voted for the 100 flats and office space tower block next to the Estcourt Conservation area and against three houses in the Oxhey one. No doubt they were reflecting the views of those that elected them, but they precedents for infill development throughout the district is long established. Go to Loates lane in the middle of that conservation area to see how many infill flats have been approved in the last couple of years. Conservation areas are not “you cant build infill areas”. My brother in a Watford conservation area has been told he cant remove the unorirginal pebbledash and aluminium windows in his house as they reflect the evolution of the conservation area from Victorian new build to modern day.

  4. barryfromwatford
    4 February 2018

    Can we have an EGM ASAP please?


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