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GFL Site, Bushey Station​

There continues to be a problem here with noise at the site and concerns about the safety of the embankment next to Grover Road. At our request, officers have investigated this in detail. The problem is that since this industrial-type use dates back from before the planning system, there is a lack of planning conditions on the site and these can’t be applied retrospectively.

Councillor Maggie Parker visited the GFL site with Environmental Health Officers last week to inspect the site and meet the Management Team.  There have been a few improvements carried out including a new sprinkler system to reduce dust during the hot dry weather. The Foliage that was cut down prior to GLF taking possession of the site has also been left to grow. The bank is inspected regularly by Building Control officers and Maggie has asked for a demarcation to be put in place so that residents can see the edge of the boundary as there have been concerns about the structure and underpinning of the bank.  There is now a road sweeper that works to clean the entrance road and the site at the end of each day. Council officers have checked up on the embankment and determined that has not moved – GFL is bringing material onto the site and then taking it away again. But officers have taken measurements to make sure there is no erosion of the bank.

They have appointed a noise champion to ensure that the council officers are made aware of any exceptional works (weekends). The nature of some of the works undertaken is such that they are carried out in an emergency, sinkholes, drainage and damage to roads etc. Maggie has asked to be made aware of any urgent works to be undertaken in advance.

Source: Oxhey LibDems


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This entry was posted on 15 August 2018 by in All News, Local News.