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Hertsmere Local Plan – Have Your Say

A number of locations across Hertsmere have been put forward for new housing and employment as part of the local plan. Hertsmere Borough Council has been set a target of 500 homes a year, but with around 80 per cent of the land in the area green belt, difficult decisions lie ahead with council forced to meet government housing targets…



2 comments on “Hertsmere Local Plan – Have Your Say

  1. Adrian Watkin
    2 November 2018

    Why not just concrete over the whole of our environment and replace place names by -welcome to hell!
    This need for homes is directly linked to mass immigration which has left no home s for people who live here-thanks.

  2. Andrew Head
    2 November 2018

    The formation of households is more complex than immigration. People living longer and more people living in single person households sare key factors. I recently read the Book of Watford, where an article from the West Herts Post from 1960 said the terrible housing shortage in Watford has led to 2,000 families on the council waiting list.Locally as house prices closer to the centre of London increase more people are moving out to Watford. Actually i think London should provide more homes within its boundaries.


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