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Parking Consultation

Watford Borough Council is asking people living in Oxhey for their thoughts on a new permit system which is hoped will deter commuters from leaving their cars in the area before heading onto trains…



21 comments on “Parking Consultation

  1. Paul
    6 November 2018

    Should we organise a local meeting about this so called ‘consultation’ before acquiesce? We will simply pay to park…..and kill the train service.
    Parking during the day is fine. Parking at night is the problem. That will not change.

  2. Resident of Haydon Road
    6 November 2018

    As long as the street residents get priority or registration and or free permits for their car and their visitors, then it’s only the non-locals of the street who would have less access to parking. For those street residents that don’t have their own parking, have children etc the it’s probably reasonable to say they should have priority to park on their own street?

  3. Resident of Oxhey Village
    6 November 2018

    People who live in Bushey will drive down to park in Oxhey Village-they could walk to the station in 10 minutes.
    Others use the car park in Bushey -now chargeable-and bus to the Station as they do.
    There is limited parking at the station which is chargeable.
    The train service is central to an ever increasing building program with many hundreds of residents potential rail users.
    It may be that an increase of the restricted time is necessary to avoid residents returning home from work to find no parking – 7 am –7pm.
    Something has got to be done to avoid the use of OV for holiday and other reasons of cars parked for weeks at a time and commuting traffic which causes residents having to park distances away from their area.

  4. Lisa
    6 November 2018

    I drove down Villiers Road this morning and there were lots of parking spaces! The simple fact is that parking will only get worse because of all the houses that are being built in our village with no parking spaces!!! Permit parking ……. why go to so much expense JUST STOP BUILDING IN OUR VILLAGE!!!!
    Our money would best be spent of traffic control as the pollution in Pinner Road is at an all time high.

    • Resident
      6 November 2018

      It is just a revenue stream for the liberal council. £40 this year, £60 next year, £85 and so on. You will simply PAY to not be able to park. Your visitors will collect parking tickets and our shops and pubs and coffee bars will suffer.

  5. Stu
    6 November 2018

    They asked the question in 2013: no thanks, and again in 2017: no thanks
    Looks like they are going to keep asking until they get the answer they want which is for us to pay to park…

  6. backingthefields
    6 November 2018

    I live in HAYDON ROAD and the situation with car parking is DIABOLICAL!
    To those complaining about the cost – too bad. That sort of selfishness is spoiling the road for everyone else!
    PLEASE, please introduce the parking restrictions in Haydon Road.
    Thank you.

    • Andrew Head
      6 November 2018

      One problem with Haydon and Cross Road is that only part of it is in Watford and the rest in Hertsmere. By law you would need both councils to agree to run distinct schemes with the same rules. In effect a permit for one side of the street would not be valid on the other side. That is one side issue to the overall issue, for other streets. Haydon Road does not seem that free of space at weekends when commuters are not the cause. As any scheme will require enforcement, and has to be self financing – without fines the only revenue will be permits.Schemes reduce the amount of on street parking as they strictly apply all the highway code requirements. Having a permit wont stop you getting a fine for yellow line parking or parking within 10 metres of a corner. I lived in central ward with its scheme. Parking at Weekends and after 6pm was no easier than it is in Oxhey now. It is not a problem so much for me now as i gave up owning a car. But if you still need one and have to store it on the street, these CPZ schemes cannot solve the fundamental problem of living in roads of terrace houses and high rates of car ownership.As with all things these schemes are compromises, with winners and losers. One factor will be that residents in blocks of streets will have to share space as they do now. So you may live in a road where most cars stored with a legitimate are owned by people who do not live in the same road as yourself. For example Chalk Hill residents will probably get permits and park in either Haydon or King Edward Road. In fact having a permit may encourage them to do that, as the permits may not allow them to park in roads thety use now or may in some cases encourage them to get a car if they think its going to be easier to park it during the day.

  7. Stephen Harris
    6 November 2018

    There is one major omission from the survey letter – HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST and will any future increases be linked to inflation? Why did the council think that this is not a relevant factor in making a decision?
    I would be more inclined to accept if the yellow lines stopped at the dropped kerb and I could park in front of my own home for free.
    Other concerns
    – Where are the commuters and people with large families going to park?
    – Is the decision by area or if there is an overall majority for CPZ will all three have to change?
    – What percentage of responses supporting a CPZ will be required for the change to take place?
    We need more information before completing the survey. Sounds familar?

    • backingthefields
      6 November 2018

      I thought the whole idea behind this plan is to stop commuters parking in our roads.
      There are excellent buses (e.g. TFL 142 and 258), and other bus services, from all over the surrounding areas which serve Bushey Station. Commuters should NOT used our local roads as car parks!
      People with large families certainly need to park near their homes but, because of the present parking problems, they often can’t. They will often have a lot of heavy shopping to get in their homes.

      • andrewh3@hotmail.co.uk
        7 November 2018

        Problem is the buses are not all good. If they were then people locally would not need cars. As a non car owner, I agree the 142 and 258 are good for Oxhey residents wanting to get to Watford town centre, Bushey High Street and destinations beyond Bushey Heath. But try getting to Bushey station from Cotswold Avenue or Vivian Gardens. Fortunate for me I can walk to Bushey Station. But for many journeys I use taxis. From all the parked cars in the evenings I suspect many local residents are more reliant on cars than myself. And I am sure they use cars for perfectly rational reasons. Ultimately non of this is a recent thing. Anyone moving to Oxhey Village in the last 25 years would have had to weigh up the on street parking (as a negative) against all the positive reasons for living here.

  8. Phil
    7 November 2018

    In my experience, parking schemes generally reduce the number of spaces available, which then impacts on parking at night. I would rather not have any restrictions, but if it does happen – what’s wrong with a 1 hour restriction just to stop cars being parked by commuters?

  9. Lifelong resident
    8 November 2018

    I don’t believe anyone is really being ‘selfish’ over this issue.
    The problem for Oxhey is there are different issues in different parts of the village and this CPZ proposal is the only sticking plaster the council can offer.
    Councillors have had to fight in the past to maintain the number of fast trains stopping at Bushey – I fear this would happen again with a significant drop in commuter traffic.
    If we want to maintain village amenities – shops, pubs, small businesses and park access – controlled parking has to be minimal to discourage commuter traffic only (in Stanmore the 10-11am /2-3pm restrictions seem to work well – even less than this would suffice – but this might not bring in the revenues that the parking company would desire). 8am to 6pm is a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.
    In our part of the village the biggest problem is evening parking and there is absolutely no CPZ means of tackling this. I see no prospect of anything other than a continued increase in vehicle numbers as the number of Oxhey residents continue to increase.
    For us CPZ would mean we are paying parking charges for exactly the same or even less than we have now.

    • OV resident
      8 November 2018

      Completely agree. CPZ will mean we Pay Not to be able to park. I’m also cross at our Liberal leaders pushing the consultation forward on an incomplete, doorstep chat with SOME residents back in the summer.
      Has anyone else noticed all the mistakes in the ‘consultation form’, tick boxes missing and the wrong questions quoted to refer to? The document cannot be relied on to return accurate information.
      What appetite is there for a public meeting?

  10. Villiers Road resident
    12 November 2018

    It appears to me that the main parking problem in Oxhey Village occurs when the residents come home from work in the evening / overnight. That would indicate that there are too many cars for the available spaces.
    How is any pay to park scheme going to solve that?

  11. Lisa
    13 November 2018

    Councillors have unanimously given the go ahead to build 151 flats by Bushey Arches with 69 parking spaces. Let’s hope that they don’t all own a car!!

  12. Patrick Barnett
    22 December 2018

    It is becoming very clear that the issue of a Controlled Parking Zone in Oxhey
    is not wanted by a majority of the residents. Local councils are always
    voracious for more revenue, but if the current set of Liberal Democrat
    councillors continues to follow their beloved EU’s system of “keep making them vote
    until we get the answer we want” comtinues, they might very well lose their
    priveleged positions, perks, and other emoluments to another body of a new
    persuation, at the next election. Watch this issue shortly go cold and under
    wraps until after the May vote next year!

    • backingthefields
      22 December 2018

      Who are YOU to say the majority of residents don’t want controlled parking! My wife and I (in our mid seventies) and our neighbours in Haydon Road definitely DO WANT CONTROLLED PARKING in our road. We struggle to walk with shopping bags so, if we cannot park very close to our house it’s a major problem for us.
      We don’t care about your politics regarding the EU and how people vote, which is of no concern to us, this is about our local parking situation and that’s all.
      Like everyone you are entitled to you political leanings. but this is not the forum to air them.


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