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Parking Consultation Reminder

There has been a very high response to the parking questionnaire circulated to local residents asking your views about possible controlled parking in parts of the ward. The consultation period closes this Wednesday so do send the questionnaire back if you haven’t already.

The consultation is taking place due to ongoing regular requests from local residents, including many who have moved in since the last time people were asked about such a scheme. We see our role in this as giving people the opportunity to say what the rules should be for parking in the area and abiding by the majority view. We certainly have no preferred outcome.

We should stress that this is just the start of the process to find out if people favour the principles of a controlled parking scheme with the map showing indicative proposals If the result is in favour then the council will develop more detailed proposals, which will then be subject to further consultation, including a public exhibition and drop-in session. This would also be the stage at which specific concerns over precise boundaries, signage etc would be sorted out.

Source: Oxhey LibDems

There is a meeting being held to discuss the proposal on Monday 19th at 7:30pm. This meeting is not being organised by Watford Borough Council or OVEG. More details below…

cpz meeting

One comment on “Parking Consultation Reminder

  1. D. Moore
    19 November 2018

    This is a pretence at “the public” being in control of Local Gov planning. Objections to development are ignored (as it would cost the taxpayer money in legal fees) and plans are approved for new constructions right up to the edge of the pavement without any parking. This “over development” of Watford has led to this problem with parking. Hard working families who take the train from Bushey, Watford Stations are penalised because they do not live near enough to the Stations to walk (also consider our atrocious weather). With more women and carers in the workforce, cars hae to be used to take children to school before going onto work, perhaps by train. Why do we want to makek it difficult for this juggling to go on?
    Any land that could be used for parking is snapped up by Developers and given the OK by local council to be 100% built on, giving more traffic and more need for parking. We cannot deny the newer workforce parking facilities just because residents with longevity in the area cannot park their own cars outside their houses. It is the ever-growing workforce that pay most taxes and to deny them parking is rather cutting off the nose to spite the face. Why do we want to make it harder for them?
    Just banning parking is denying the encouragement over 60+ years of “letting the train take the strain”. Why is there not compulsory purchase land available for parking? The car is not going away and as Watford becomes more and more overcrowded due to massive over-development passed my Watford’s former Mayor, we are tackling this problem the wrong way round.
    We all want a thriving economy and to do this parking must be supplied for local commuters.


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