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Parking Consultation

A message from our Councillors regarding the parking consultation.

Following a recent informal public meeting, it is apparent from emails and phone calls that wrong information is being circulated which we want to correct. Please also read the forthcoming Oxhey Opinion.

These are the most frequently asked questions.

Why are you doing this?

Because whenever we knock on doors, do surveys, get emails and replies to Oxhey Opinion, problems of parking is the number one issue and some form of parking controls the most frequent request.

We did a similar exercise a few years ago and the villagers decided against proceeding to the next stage. But we are aware that people’s views may have changed, and we have had many newcomers in this time – this preliminary consultation is testing that out and including everyone living here now.

Isn’t it a done deal?

The questionnaire had a scheme on it as if you’ve already decided to introduce parking controls!

Absolutely not! You decide – our job is to get your voices heard. The council have done this all over the town we have certain principles we always stick to. We never force a scheme onto a community and we don’t have a one size fits all approach to this; we take each area as unique and work to try to solve their particular issues.

In North Watford, at this stage residents voted overwhelmingly to explore the option of controlled parking. That is what you are being asked now. At the next stage having looked in detail at all the pros and cons they voted NOT to go any further as it would not solve their particular problems. The reverse happened on the Cassiobury estate.

We are neutral, neither us as your councillors nor the council have an “agenda”. But we feel that whatever the outcome, it is better this is based on clear evidence of what people think now.

So is the scheme outlined in the questionnaire the one we will get if it goes ahead?

No far from it – it was indicative based on knowledge about what MIGHT work. Based on the information you have provided in your responses and IF there is a desire to explore further, a full scheme will be worked up and consulted on. Even at this later stage changes can be made. We are only at the start of a long process.

We feel the questionnaire wasn’t detailed enough we still have loads of questions.

At this stage it is quite general we just want an indication if there is an appetite to look at the detail. The later process is lengthy, technical and much more information and evidence is given to you so when the final consultation comes you have all the details of boundaries, lines, signs, hours of operation, cost and availability of permits and visitor vouchers etc. and will be able to make an informed decision.

Why hasn’t there been an official public meeting?

From the council’s experience public meetings, at this stage, are always acrimonious and are rarely helpful. They tend to generate more heat than light, resulting in bad feeling and little information.

Which is why we are encouraging everyone to reply -this is a genuine mandate for action to explore further or to drop the whole thing.

What happens now?

It depends on what you have said in your consultation replies that will now be analysed by the council.

If you want us to go ahead then we move to the detailed design of a scheme with further consultation, will be exhibitions, drop-in sessions, plenty of opportunity to really explore the pros and cons and get the information you seek from experienced officers and to answer the key question ‘Will this help solve my parking problem and make life easier?’  or ‘Is the cure worse than the illness?’

On the other hand, if the outcome of the current consultation is a ‘No’ then that gives us a clear answer and things will be left as they are.

As your councillors, our job is to make sure as many people as possible respond and to get involved in making sure the process is done correctly and to make sure that whatever the outcome, it is based on clear evidence of what people want.

Source: Oxhey LibDems

17 comments on “Parking Consultation

  1. Roxanne
    27 November 2018

    But you ask, the answer is No, you leave it a few years then ask again. Find a way to solve the problems without permits. I live in a “permit area” – in 14 years you have never asked if you should revoke the permit! So you push for permits then there is no going back. I hate constantly clock-watching when I have visitors around, it’s added stress

  2. resident
    27 November 2018

    Our councillors that have been noticed by their complete absence over the past few weeks say, ‘that wrong information is being circulated which we want to correct’.
    Beginning with the misleading letter that was sent to 2500 Oxhey residents, no mention of cost and no mention of the fact that Oxhey Village cannot support ONE PERMIT PER HOUSE! No mention that if you are unable to park in your Zone that you are not allowed to park in the one around the corner.
    ‘WRONG INFORMATION?’ the parking consultation questionnaire is full of mistakes and errors and cannot be relied on to return accurate data. The whole exercise is a mess and now to turn around in this pasamonious tone and tell us we are all wrong and miss-lead is outragious.
    Oh and hands up for the young Conservative hopeful organising the meeting in the Rifle and dispelling some of the hogwash we are being fed by our Liberal councellors.
    CPZ will ruin Oxhey village and be a blight on the lives of the people living there.
    If you want to Pay to Park and get rid of the Fast Train service introduce CPZ!

  3. Mark
    27 November 2018

    A lot of the comments on this and other social media sites are very anti-CPZ and filled with scaremongering and I feel there needs to be some balance.
    Myself and the majority of my neighbours are fed up with having to park our cars in neighbouring roads due to commuter cars.
    The arguments that the CPZ is not the answer is very subjective. I went out at 5.30 this morning and there were 4 car parking spaces, I came back at 7.30am and the spaces were gone, filled with cars that belonged to no one in my road.
    The CPZ may not be the overall solution but a 1 hour restriction between 11-12 can’t hurt.
    With the new flats being built in the area, especially the proposed 100+ flats at Bushey arches there is always going to be demand and footfall for the train service and the talk that the fast train service will stop has no basis and has been jumped on by the anti-CPZ brigade!
    There are actually quite a few of us who want the CPZ introduced!

    • Oxhey resident
      27 November 2018

      What about extending the car park at the station. Other options are available, not just losing our freedom to park.

      • Jamie
        27 November 2018

        Extending the car park won’t make an ounce of difference. Why pay for a car park when you can park for free in the village?

      • Oxhey resident
        28 November 2018

        Agreed. Get rid of the recycle plant and make a bigger car park.

      • Oxhey resident
        27 November 2018

        At the moment you can move and park around the corner but have it your way and you won’t be able to park outside your house, or in your zone or in the zone next door. You will be knackered.
        As to ‘put it mildly’ the pro liberal councillors are the ones who are painting a bleak picture supported by OVEG some might suggest?
        If this isn5 an environmental issue, what is?
        Ask anyone who lives with CPZ. It is a restrictive nightmare and is just a revenue stream for the lazy council officers.
        If you want to kill the train service, vote for CPZ!
        For goodness sake catch up and smell the proverbial parking tickets!

    • oxheyian
      27 November 2018

      Well said. Some of the Anti-CPZ comments are “lacking in balance” to put it mildly.

  4. watford resident
    27 November 2018

    I live in a permit zone and can assure you that permits will NOT solve your problems of congested parking spaces. The stress it causes me every day is relentless. I strongly advise you to study the WBC parking site closely before you make your final decision because the number of restrictions you must adhere to are rising. Apart from the two permit rule, which is incredibly hard for families who have three or more cars, you even have to look at the length and height of your vehicle to see if it complies with the rules. Visitor permits now have to be ordered ‘virtually’, on line, for every guest you have calling in and don’t forget you only have a limited number of these to start with. They don’t come cheaply. Its very hard to ensure you have sufficient available for workmen, builders, guests and builders etc to visit you.
    I would strongly recommend you look at ANY other options – permits are definitely not the answer. They do not guarantee you a parking space. I would much rather walk from another road if necessary, anything but have the stress of living in a permit zone.

  5. D. Moore
    27 November 2018

    This is a pretence at “the public” being in control of Local Gov planning. Objections to development are ignored as the Council coffers need to be filled, and plans are approved for new constructions right up to the edge of the pavement without any parking.
    This “over development” of Watford has led to this problem with parking. Hard working families who take the train from Bushey & Watford Stations are penalised because they do not live near enough to the Stations to walk (also consider our atrocious weather). With more women and carers in the workforce, cars have to be used to take children to school before going onto work, perhaps by train. Why do we want to make it difficult for this juggling to go on?
    Any land that could be used for parking is snapped up by Developers and given the OK by local council to be 100% built on, giving more traffic and more need for parking. We cannot deny the newer workforce parking facilities just because residents with longevity in the area cannot park their own cars outside their houses. It is the ever-growing workforce that pay most taxes and to deny them parking is rather cutting off the nose to spite the face. Why do we want to make it harder for them?
    How long before the small car park at Bushey Station is declared “inadequate & derelict” and plans for yet another block of flats submitted. Instead all the land around the car park should be compulsorily purchased by the Council and a massive car parking facility built.
    Just banning parking is denying the encouragement over manyyears of “letting the train take the strain”. The car is not going away and as Watford becomes more and more overcrowded due to massive over-development passed my Watford’s former Mayor and Councils, we are tackling this problem the wrong way round.
    We all want a thriving economy and to do this parking must be supplied for local commuters.
    I cannot help but think that this “Consultation” by local councillors is to give us the false impression that they have some influence with planning and development. They do not – as per the overwelming public objections to the massive building developments in and around Oxhey Village. They are in the hands of the greedy developers and find it hard to admit there is no ‘plan’ and no end to the loss of our pleasant area. They may have thought by sponsoring this consultation they give the appearance of having some say, but they do not and they are misleading us by claiming that they represent the residents’ views. Time for a change of representation and a STOP to this over-development madness.
    Stations need car parks.

  6. Carol
    30 November 2018

    I’d like far more information and other options to consider. I agree open meetings aren’t the best way forward. I’d like to see a Working Party, with good representation of local residents, be set up. This is far too important to rush through a yes or no. The questionnaire was really lacking in that it seemed to be leading into one direction only.

    • Oxhey village resident upp paddock
      30 November 2018

      Good idaea. I would like to volunteer.

  7. Bert Jones
    1 December 2018

    The sooner parking controls are bought in the better. I’m fed up with inconsiderate parkers blocking my drive. Parking controls can’t come soon enough for me.

    • Oxhey village resident upp paddock
      1 December 2018

      Laws already cover blocking driveways. You don’t have to blight everyone else’s daily existence because of that.

      • Bert Jones
        1 December 2018

        Laws may cover blocked driveways, but that does not help when you have been blocked in and need to drive somewhere urgently. Parking controls are coming, suck it up.

      • Oxhey resident
        2 December 2018

        You don’t have to ‘suck it up’. Just telephone the correct authorities and the offending vehicle would be removed. Or welcome CZP and YOU will be paying to NOT be able to park, your visitors will collect penalty tickets and if your ZONE is full, you will not be able to park in the Zone next door. Oh, but it’s alright for you, you’ve got a drive.
        What about the councillors creating car parks for residents and station and businesses? Rather than building flats with no consideration for cars, make it compulsory to accommodate two cars per dwelling.
        Consideration has to be community lead,the ‘I’m alright Jack’ won’t help chum.

  8. pmiller
    1 March 2019

    Moor park ,northwood rickmansworth harrow watford junction all have parking controls , so commuters drive to oxhey from all over watford to park for free and make our lives a misery,From walking the area at 9.30am on a sunday to 9,30 am on a monday I estimate that between 350 and 400 cars arrive to park in oxhey on a monday morning.Plus all the workers from the companies in the lower high st who also park in the village,eastbury road and kingsfield road.A 1 hour parking restriction from 11am to 12pm would solve the problem.Cars are now parking in green lane and oxhey road leave it another 5 years and the whole of oxhey road will have commuters parked there, kings field road and cedar road are full every day now.Parking restrictions would transform the area from a station and commuter car park to the once stress free enviroment it used to be when a moved here in 1965.

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