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Parking Drop-in Sessions

The council are holding a series of drop-in sessions for local residents to discuss the recent parking review and possible introduction of parking controls in Oxhey.

The sessions will take place at St Matthew’s Church on Eastbury Road between 5pm and 8pm on Monday 29th July, Friday 16th August, and Friday 30th August.

2 comments on “Parking Drop-in Sessions

  1. Gerry C
    28 July 2019

    Thanks for this info. The flyers on lamp posts indicate that the timing is from 5 – 8 which suggests that there will be rolling chats/ opportunities for questions, rather than a set time. Please could you check and confirm the times – and whether this is a speaker/a and audience format or individuals asking questions of representatives.

    Many thanks in advance, Gerry Crean

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    • OVEG
      28 July 2019

      The sessions are from 5pm to 8pm (have amended post) but I’m afraid we know no more than what has been detailed on the posters that have appeared in the past few days around the village…


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