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Controlled Parking

The first of the three Drop-In sessions was held on the 29th July at St. Mathews Church Hall and was well-attended, including by reps from OVEG. The session was lively and clearly indicated the depth of feeling about the issue.

The OVEG Committee will not change its position of neutrality on the subject of parking controls, but what was clear from the session was that the council officers and members had paid a great deal of attention to the written comments from the first informal consultation. Whilst acknowledging that a solution that pleases everyone was unlikely, they were attempting to incorporate resident feedback in their proposals. This was evident in the different solutions proposed for the three of six zones in Oxhey Ward that WBC has proposed to take forward to the next stage.

We do not necessarily agree with these proposals, but it does demonstrate the importance of what we said in our first statement on a CPZ – it is important that as many people as possible take part in the process and “have their say” to make the final outcome as representative as possible.

The next Drop-In’s will be on the 16th and 30th of August and we strongly recommend that our members – and any Oxhey resident attends these – and returns the latest Feedback Form to WBC.

One comment on “Controlled Parking

  1. backingthefields
    8 August 2019

    PLEASE, PLEASE get controlled parking in Haydon Road. This was my previous comment:-
    We MUST HAVE CONTROLLED PARKING all day in Haydon Road, because my wife and I are old people and cannot carry shopping bags any distance if we cannot get near to our house.
    The suggestion ‘no parking between 12 and 2’ would just not be practical.

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