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Parking Meeting

4 comments on “Parking Meeting

  1. Daniel Ryan
    11 August 2019

    Leave as it is. People moving to the area know about Parking so if it doesn’t suit don’t come here. Am sure money could be spent better elsewhere.

    • Howard
      11 August 2019

      “Leave it as it is” – wot! – with people dumping ‘just legal’ cars to clog up the much needed parking spaces for months on end!?! Surely not!

  2. On Villiers
    12 August 2019

    Worth attending meeting to see the control plans.. i was initially for controlled parking until I went to first meeting a couple weeks ago and realized how tedious, and convoluted the system would be with ‘virtual permits’. Also concerned about privacy issues with council building a database of when we are home or not with the virtual permits. Regardless of your current views, learn about the proposed system before voting on your response papers. I have changed my response to no, after learning more about the proposed controls.

  3. andrew head
    12 August 2019

    For Oxhey Avenue/Grover Road/Lime Close they are proposing a two hour 10.00- 12.00 residents only parking period. Not clear what constitutes a resident – presumably not simply people living in those three roads. That would stop all day parking of non residents who are not residents if regularly enforced – Not sure what is proposed in other blocks of streets.


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