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Parking Q&A

Source: Oxhey Village Residents Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/829937234024422/)

One comment on “Parking Q&A

  1. Jackie
    18 August 2019

    Thank you ! Just confirms what a ludicrous proposal This is & what a divisive & un-neighbourhood ethos it would enable a minority to impose on the many in Oxhey ! Maybe numbers voting should be measured against the total number of Oxhey RESIDENTS on council role before anything could be considered & actioned Not just a majority of those who doggedly mobilise every few years ! At least it now appears to have ‘woken-up’ those of us who may have ‘flagged’ under constant ‘reviewing’ …& especially now that costs & practical implications of managing it for ourselves / visitors / workmen have been exposed !
    Has anyone asked about the costs of policing these ‘proposals’ ?
    I do understand that parking may be a bit ‘difficult’ For some people close to the station – also because people supporting our local businesses & availability reduced due ‘drive ways’ -BUT I would question their lack of foresight in buying such property- usually price adjusted to reflect this …. and then their dogged continual pressure to impose costly & non effective parking controls on the rest of Oxhey Village ! Not very community spirited & inclusive – especially for disabled people ! Basically problem of small houses …. driveways …not enough room to park one car per house …. al equals =problem . Not solved by charging to pay for same reduced availability !
    When buying a property amongst other considerations – no of rooms / bedrooms/ bathroom/ garden etc etc , location & parking usually figure quite high ….. Within develop guidelines one is free to change ones home to reflect needs /desires of the owner. No problem But to then try to change & impose rules / costs / controls on other property owners in your neighbourhood for their own ‘supposed’ benefit – Not good !
    Might I suggest they investigate moving to a gated parking allocated slot development ?
    I am hoping to come to meeting on 31/8 .
    Thank you
    Jackie Weinman 102 Oxhey Ave
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