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Attenborough’s Fields – 5 Year Plan

Maydencroft Limited was commissioned by Serena Aston, Senior Rural Works Team Officer at Hertfordshire County Council’s Rural Estate Team to produce a Landscape Management Plan for Attenborough’s Fields. The plan is available to read here.

5 comments on “Attenborough’s Fields – 5 Year Plan

  1. Mrs Lincoln
    31 August 2019

    Disabled access? Wheelchairs can’t get through the gates

  2. H. Newbery
    31 August 2019

    Disabled access. My husband spoke with someone about access for disabled and about using a radar key on the gates so that we could access on a mobility scooter and it was agreed that this was a good idea, but no surprise here, nothing was done about it.

  3. J Parker
    31 August 2019

    As far as I was aware Richard and Sir David Attenborough did not have close connections with Haydon Hill House. It seems some of the misinformation in this Plan came from articles from 2017 in various publications such as The Daily Telegraph and Ideal Home magazine after the conversion of the House to flats and subsequent sale. Decimus Burton, the architect of Haydon Hill House did also design the Wellington Arch but it isn’t at London Zoo although he also did design part of the Zoo. It is a bit worrying if this part of the Plan’s information is wrong. What about the rest of it?

  4. daveroycroft26@gmail.com
    31 August 2019

    Cheers Rich. I am on the OVEG mailing list. Bedtime reading.
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  5. Verity Harvey
    31 August 2019

    Thanks for this: it looks very encouraging to me.

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