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Community Support

We have been considering what we can do to support the most vulnerable and isolated people in our community over the next few weeks, particularly as people have to stay at home through self-isolation or ill health. Many of us may find that we have some extra time because offices have closed or we are advised to work at home.
So, – what we are wondering is whether anyone is willing to offer a bit of time to get some shopping or some other chore to support our more vulnerable neighbours? Anything would be done in line with public health advice about contact.
We will work on a way for us to manage people’s contact details and of anyone who wants a bit of help and respect confidentiality.
This certainly doesn’t have to be OVEG alone and we will be contacting the churches to see if they are thinking of doing something similar.
So, – we are in for a rough time over the next few weeks and please do let me know if you can help.

Please get in touch at ian.davis@oveg.org


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This entry was posted on 14 March 2020 by in All News, OVEG News.