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Horsehaven Mews

As you may have seen, the gate that leads from the back of Horsehaven Mews and into the fields beyond has been unlocked by Shanly Homes and so is a public access way.

From this point, you can pick your way through the fields and onto the Merry Hill Greenway and beyond.

Thanks to Kim Baxter for following this up with Hertsmere Borough Council. The council are still looking into the promised installation of picnic benches, reinstating the pond at the rear, planting of new trees and other landscaping features on this land.

Horsehaven Mews

3 comments on “Horsehaven Mews

  1. Jane Hopkins
    17 June 2020

    WoW.Thats fantastic.However,I dont think that you can access the Greenway from Horsehaven Mews?

  2. rubyandned
    3 August 2020

    I’ve sent a comment via your website about it but emailing so I can add a photo to show you that access to the Merryhill Greenway from Horsehaven Mews has been blocked by a metal gate and bike lock. Just wondering why this is there and who put it there as there is no sign to suggest going beyond here is trespassing but it’s now inaccessible when walking a dog that can’t jump the gate.
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  3. Ian
    17 August 2020

    This is a lovely walk full of wild flowers and blackberries and means you create a loop without having to walk along Pinner Road. However, as rubyandned point out, a lock has been put on the metal gate which separates two of the fields. We’re just climbing over it for now but does anyone know why this has appeared? It makes the walk impossible for anyone not able to leap over it which is a shame.


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