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Refillabell, Watford’s first Refill and Zero Waste store is coming to Oxhey Village !

We will be using the former Abell Chemist shop at 4 Haydon Road as our new premises. As a nod to the history of the store, which was run by the pharmacist Mrs Abell, we are keeping the Abell in the name RefillABELL- it’s not a spelling mistake!

We have been told by some Oxhey residents that there used to be a bulk refill store in the shop on Villiers road that was formerly Capital Stories, next to Friends estate agents. Do you remember this?

We hope Refillabell is going to become your ‘go to’ store for shopping without the plastic packaging!

We are all about reducing the amount of single use plastic in our day to day lives, and have come up with an innovative and fun solution to get rid of unsustainable packaging in your routine shop.

By bringing your own containers and bottles into the store, you will be able to refill all of your favourite food and household items, such as dried foods (nuts, cereals, beans , pasta and baking ingredients), oils and vinegars, household cleaning products (washing up and laundry liquids etc), and personal hygiene products such as shampoo and hand wash.

Who are Refillabell, you may ask? We are a dedicated team of three,who are passionate about reducing the amount of plastic in our lives, on our planet and in our oceans!

We are Sameer Kassam, Pharmacy Manager at Abell Chemist, whose brilliant idea literally ‘lit the fire’ in the first place. Vishal Jain, a Bushey ‘Dad to be’ who has had first hand experience of running a zero waste business. Jane Hopkins, an Oxhey gardener and allotment holder who has ‘seen the light’! It’s not about recycling, it’s about not having the packaging in the first place!

We think Oxhey Village is the perfect place to have a zero waste refill store, and have had fantastic feedback from everyone we have spoken to about our vision for Refillabell. We are so excited to bring you Refillabell, and will keep you posted about the shop and it’s refurbishment, which is due to start in the next few weeks.

For those of you who use social media, please follow our progress on Facebook and Instagram




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This entry was posted on 7 September 2020 by in All News, Local News.