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A message from Refillabell

We are heartened by the generous and enthusiastic response from Oxhey village residents !

We would also like to say a huge ‘Thank You ‘to a few specific village residents who helped enormously to make the campaign happen’
Dylan Nolte- video editing , posing as a model on his kitchen for video… but not for spilling cereal all over his kitchen floor!
Dan Corbett, for photographs and making/editing the video for campaign .
Aaron Whitty for making our first video , which we then used as a basis for our campaign.
Alex Lowe( Barry from Watford) who made the hilarious Refillabell video ‘Be Part of the Solution!
Andrew Pittendreigh for being amazing and providing all of our graphics/design, and website front page free of charge. And for providing us with lots of material for social media.
James Hodgson who has been restoring/ painting the shopfront for his work over and above what was expected. He does live in Bushey, though!
Volunteers Julie and John Bowtell who helped with pop-ups and provided their gazebo when the heavens opened(twice!)
Rachel Taylor who manned the second pop up snacks table, and Macana who helped clear up.
Maeve Innes and Dannielle Conner who gave us lots and lots of jars and containers for handing out samples.
And for Rob Hopkins for always giving his time freely.
My apologies if I have missed anyone out, but this just shows what a wonderful community we live in, when people rally around a cause and give their time and  expertise with no expectation of a reward.
Thank you so much!

From the team at Refillabell
Jane, Sameer and Vishal.
And congratulations to Vishal, who became a Dad to a little girl on Saturday 31st October.

Please have a look at our new website front page- you will be able to experience ‘the pasta effect’! You will see what I mean! Try



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This entry was posted on 10 November 2020 by in All News, Local News.