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Parking Update

We wanted to update residents on the parts of Oxhey where controlled parking is due to be introduced on 11 January, with clarification about the position while we are in Tier 4.

Residents affected will have been contacted by the council with information about buying permits and other details of the scheme’s operation.

During the Tier 4 lockdown controlled parking zones are not being enforced anywhere in the town (but be careful, yellow lines are!). While enforcement is suspended the following apply:

  • Permit holders do not need to book vouchers for their visitors.
  • Permit holders will be provided an extension on their existing resident permit to compensate for the reduced enforcement. Vouchers are available to be purchased online at www.watford.gov.uk/parking.

Some people have asked us whether they would be better to wait until restrictions have been relaxed before buying a permit and/or visitor vouchers. The danger is that as we have seen the lockdown rules can changes very quickly and enforcement can be resumed at short notice. So there would be a risk of people being caught out by not having a permit when enforcement starts.

So we do encourage people who live in the new controlled parking areas to buy permits now, with the security that they will be credited with extra days for when the scheme is not in force so will not lose out.

Source: Oxhey LibDems


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This entry was posted on 31 December 2020 by in All News, Local News.