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Support for Parents/Primary Carers

Support for Parents/Primary Carers (foster parents, grandparents, family member, etc)

Parenting is the hardest job we will ever do. It never stops, we rarely get time off, it’s unpaid and never-ending. It can also be the most joyful, rewarding, exciting and challenging thing we will ever do, if we have the right support and resources.

The pandemic has impacted family life enormously and has brought a whole new set of challenges. Rooted Parenting offers a range of modalities, approaches, fascinating new insights of neuroscience and so much more to be a remarkable source of support to parents/primary carers. 

We are delighted to offer parents/primary carers a free online course that is tailored around what is currently alive for them. 

In order to take part, please join one zoom meeting to share what you would like addressed. All topics parents present on the meetings will be woven into our free 2021 programme. 

Zoom meeting dates: 
Jan 27th 11-12
Feb 24th 11-12 
March/ April, 10-12, exact dates tbc 



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This entry was posted on 19 January 2021 by in All News, Local Events.