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Local Policing Update

Stephen Giles-Medhurst, county councillor for Oxhey and your borough councillors have raised a number of drug related issues and problem areas with the police. They say they are aware of these issues starting up again in a small part of Watford.

The police have just set the priorities for the next quarter based on reported crimes. Drug dealing and drug use are part of the first two priorities. They are also targeting theft from motor vehicles as the third priority, as this is the only type of crime on the increase in lockdown, which is being driven by the lack of shoplifting and burglaries. Drug-related issues are linked as they are often a driver for any acquisitive crime.

Over the next few weeks the police have agreed to target areas that we have specifically told them about following reports from residents, in order to see if they can either deter or identify those persons operating in this area. They may be able to use anti-social behaviour legislation against them if they cannot find criminal offences.

In the absence of priority setting forums, the police are looking for feedback via this link on their Echo platform. If any residents have feedback for them, this is a great place to put it. It is a free text box so people can write what they feel is important without being constrained by a set question.

The police tell us that they are pleased to see a Community Safety Partnership-wide reduction in anti-social behaviour calls in the last year, against an increase across most of the county. However, they want to ensure that this is a genuine reduction in anti-social behaviour, not reporting fatigue.

They ask that residents call 101 or visit herts.police.uk/Information-and-services to report any non-urgent information, anti-social and suspicious behaviour. Even if it doesn’t get an immediate police response, this information ensures that they have a true picture of what is happening in the Community Safety Partnership. It is asked that residents call 999 in an emergency.

Source: Watford LibDems


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This entry was posted on 20 January 2021 by in All News, Local News.