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27 comments on “Welcome

  1. Heather Stewart
    4 October 2015

    Hi, I’m a resident of Lowson Grove and wondered if anyone has noticed an increase in the light aircraft traffic from Elstree Areodrome? There seems to be constant circuits flown over the area week days and weekends. There are two overhead as I write! I’m wondering if they’ve changed their flight path.
    Any other views would be welcome.
    H Stewart

    • Kim Baxter
      23 October 2015

      Yes heather I and a number of other residents have noticed the same. In particular low flying helicopters. This issue was raised at our last committee meeting. I will raise with our local councillors and see what can be done thx Kim

    • OVEG
      14 December 2015

      We’re contacting the local airfields and will update you once we have had responses…

  2. D Young
    3 November 2015

    I am disappointed to see the monstrous iron fence that has been erected around the allotments (paddock road) it complete destroys the lines and views that gave this area a unique and ‘open’ village feel. It completely clashes with the attractive wooden fencing that has been replaced and makes the whole area look like you are walking along the side of a secure compound. Which I assume is the intended effect.. Tools and shed’s can rest easy… another nail… shame.

  3. Matthew Bolshaw
    12 January 2016

    As a pilot who has been flying out of Elstree for over 40 years I thought I would comment on the aircraft noise accusation.
    There are no routes that require anyone to fly over Oxhey Village and the aircraft you are talking about have nothing to do with Elstree.
    It is far more likely that any helicopters are under the control of Heathrow Director (Radar) and are joining the London Heliroutes for entry into the London Zone.
    Further as a local resident for 60 years I do know that Elstree advocates good relationship with local residents and every effort is made to avoid overflying any residential or built up areas.

    • OVEG
      12 January 2016

      Thanks Matthew…

      • Matthew Bolshaw
        12 January 2016

        Your welcome and if anyone has any complaints please let me know the exact time and date of any problems along with as much detail of the aircraft involved and I will investigate.

    • Kim baxter
      13 January 2016

      Hi Matthew thanks very much for your reply. I have been in liaison with elstree, farnborough, Wycombe and denham. The environment officer has also contacted raf Northolt. All say that it’s not their aircraft. We at Oveg and the local councillors have received a number of complaints from residents. Any help you could give would be hugely appreciated. Could you please call me on 07775844244 to discuss. I can give dates and times of traffic. Many thanks

  4. David
    3 April 2016

    Hi Kim,

    Just curious if this has moved on at all. The planes going over the village have increased recently and it is becoming a real problem.

    I caught a few of the planes numbers today. The numbers are G-CCZV, G-BPME, G-OFDR.

    Interestingly if you put in G-CCZV into google the first result is the plane video’d at elstree.

    Hertsmere council should be dealing with this under noise pollution.

    • Kim Baxter
      9 April 2016

      I’ve forwarded your mail to Michael Murphy the Elstree aerodrome manager is email address is walbrosplc@aol.com he is going to look into this for us
      Many thanks

  5. Heather Strwart
    7 April 2016

    Hi , I have been keeping a diary on the air craft problem as requested by Sam Richards at Environmental Services Watford Town Hall. Am just about to send in some more . This problem has escalated and can only get worse as the weather improves. Two planes flew over and around my home 52 times within the space of an hour and a half last Sunday . I feel we need to keep on this and if others are prepared to send in diaries it would really help our case. I’ve managed to get 6 or 7 numbers now , new hobby plane spotting !! No thanks ! The planes all seem to be connected to Elstree.
    I feel it so unfair to impinge on my quality of life and that of the community.
    I would love to hear any other views on this .

    • Kim baxter
      9 April 2016

      Hi heather
      Please could you email Michael Murphy the Elstree aerodrome manager on walbrosplc@aol.com, with your diary many thanks

  6. Lyn
    16 April 2016

    Free compost give away very disappointing. None left by 11:45 😞

  7. Patrick Stoddart
    23 May 2016

    Hi all.

    Nothing to do with buzzing aircraft but buzz saws … I’ve got a number of perfectly good electrical items which I no longer need, but they can’t go for recycling because they’ve got blades. Same goes for charity shops. They include:

    A circular saw (still boxed)
    Chain saw
    Hover mower

    We also have a garden blower and Hoover vacuum cleaner that also need a good home. You’re welcome to all or any of these in exchange for a £25 contribution to the Bucks Meadow fighting fund. That’s £25 for each item, of course!

    We’re at 28 Sherwoods Road.

    Patrick Stoddart

    • Tanishka
      10 June 2016

      Dear All

      This morning every minute small aircraft have been flying low on the cross road end of Attenborough fields – it is very desruptive and annoying – worse than major carriers! What is going on? One aircraft was so low we thought it was about to crash!

      • Matthew Bolshaw
        10 June 2016

        What are the registration numbers? I was at the Aerodrome from 0900 to 1015 and it was very quiet there. Its easy to take the registration number of low flying aircraft. Recently the National Grid have been been causing problems some survey work flying

      • Heather Stewart
        10 June 2016

        Oh my goodness !! I can’t believe the excuses that are trotted out !
        I am sitting , no trying to sit and enjoy the peace in my garden and once again I am being bombarded with light aircraft . All afternoon yesterday up till 7.30 ish.
        I have taken numbers and passed them on as requested but why should l ??!
        Elstree have already been identified as the ” culprits ” and am waiting to hear any feed back from the meeting between Elstree and local councilors.
        Once again I’m dreading the weekend as I know there will be constant noise from these aircraft.
        No one has yet been able to answer my question as to why this has suddenly become a problem over the last year, it was never a problem before.
        Heather Stewart

      • Matthew Bolshaw
        10 June 2016

        Sorry Heather, I was wasting my time trying to help. I will not take this information to the meeting this afternoon that has been devised with a view of cutting down disturbance. You just can’t help some people. Perhaps you should think about moving. The aerodrome has been there longer than you!!!!!
        Matthew Bolshaw

      • Heather Stewart
        10 June 2016

        Sorry Mr Bolshaw as you have realised this subject makes me quite cross !
        Have lived here many years !
        Heather Stewart

      • Matthew Bolshaw
        10 June 2016

        Hi Heather,
        I have spoken to the Aerodrome management. They are perfectly happy to host a meting with you and explain how they are trying to alleviate these problems. If your interested please contact Mike Murphy directly.
        I do know he is working on this matter and there is a user meeting this afternoon
        Kind regards

      • Kim Baxter
        10 June 2016

        Hi Matthew
        OVEG would welcome the opportunity to attend a meeting at Elstree to help resolve this issue.
        Could you please help organise this
        Many thanks

      • Matthew Bolshaw
        10 June 2016

        Hi Kim, With pleasure I will organise a visit from OVEG with Mike Murphy. I can tell you that he held a meeting this afternoon with the flying clubs and action is in hand. Some changes which hopefully will help are starting a week tomorrow on the 18th after the required NOTAMS have been issued.

    • Kim baxter
      10 June 2016

      Thanks Patrick … Hugely appreciated

      • Michelle burke
        10 June 2016

        I have stumbled upon this string of comments – I live in north Bushey close to Costco and I most certainly can confirm that there has been an increase in numbers of light aircraft. I often think I am on the main flight path. And here comes another one as I type. I will borrow some binoculars and become a plane spotter too.

      • Matthew Bolshaw
        10 June 2016

        When the fixed wing aircraft are taking off towards the west you are on the flightpath

  8. Michelle burke
    11 June 2016

    There have been 26 so far since 09.32. Who do I contact to see about change of flight path. Oh hear comes another one. There are almost as many as Lhr. Plus air pollution. The numbe s have increased beyond acceptable.

  9. Michelle burke
    11 June 2016

    Martin It might have been quiet yesterday but it’s not today. And another one goes over.

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