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Oxhey History

History Sheets

01. Loveday’s Bakery
02. R.A.J. Warneford VC RNAS
03. Memories of a Childhood in the 1920’s
04. The 1920s Revisited
04a. Watford Heath Memorial Cross
05. A Walk Around Oxhey Village Circa 1935
06. Oxhey Artisan Golf Club
07. Under the Arches
08. Palmer’s Stores
09. Lawrence Larcombe
10. Days Gone By!
11. New Bushey
12. No. 57
13. Watford Heath
14. The Coal Wharf
15. Recollections of Oxhey
16. Memories of the 1920s
17. Memories of Oxhey
18. Recollections
19. Memories of Grover Road
20. Memories of Oxhey Lane
21. Recollections of Life in Villiers Road
22. Memories of Old Watford Heath
23. South West Hertfordshire
24. A Great Place to Grow Up
25. An Oxhey Childhood
26. Oxhey Avenue in the 1930s
27. OVEG – How It All Started
28. Childhood in the 1930s
29. Boy Scouts (2nd Oxhey)
30. A Wartime Romance
31. Adolf Hitler, or Oxhey’s Part in his Downfall
32. Our Post Office
33. Paddock Road Allotments in War Time 1940-46
34. Memories of Paddock Road Free Church in the 1950s
34a. Brief History of Oxhey Village Baptist Church
34b. Brief History of Oxhey Village Baptist Church (updated version)
35. Watford Heath c1896
36a. Watford Heath School Kitchen pt1
36b. Watford Heath School Kitchen pt2
37. ‘Grange Cottage’ Watford Heath
38. Boyhood Memories of Attenborough Fields in the 1940s
39. Capell Road
40. A Hawkins Family Link to Oxhey
41. Oxhey Park at 90 and How It All Began
42. 20 Years of Attenborough’s Fields
43. Reminicences of OVEG
44. Loveday’s Bakery


The Oxhey Mystery Chasm 1927 (Long version) (Short version)
Oxhey Village Fayre 1992 & 1993
Watford Heath Memorial Dedication, OVEG Fayre, and Oxhey Chapel visit
Oxhey Village Fayre 1994
Oxhey Green, Atenborough’s Fields, and Didcot Railway Centre visit
Oxhey Village Fayre 2000
Golden Jubilee Beacon 2002
Oxhey Village Baptist Church closing service 2003
40th Village Fayre time-lapse 2015


Oxhey in Pictures
Echoes of Old Watford, Bushey & Oxhey
The Story of Bushey In The Age Of The Steam Train
The Book of Watford 2 (an extract from the book by J B Nunn)


1898 map of Oxhey (available to buy here)
1899 map of Oxhey
1956 map of Oxhey
1958 map of Oxhey
1960 map of Oxhey
Map of Oxhey today


The history of Oxhey Park
The history of Oxhey and St Matthew’s Church
The history of Bushey & Oxhey Methodist Church
Oxhey from the air 1928 and 1936
Miss Edith Morgan’s diary – a record of daily life in Oxhey in the 1900’s
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