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All Committee matters and proceedings shall be subject to confidentiality unless specifically agreed otherwise by the Committee.

All Committee proceedings shall be Minuted.


a. The Committee is responsible for preparing the terms of reference and appointing the members of any sub-Committee it establishes. Such members can be any individuals deemed to be appropriate for the task to be undertaken and who are willing to participate.

b. The terms of reference and the names and addresses of the sub-committee members shall be recorded by the Committee.

c. A sub-Committee shall appoint its Chair from amongst its members.

d. A sub-Committee’s Chair shall report on progress, including the financial position, to the Committee as required during the life of the sub-Committee.


Preparatory to an OVEG Meeting the Committee shall agree:

a) Objective(s)
b) Date and venue
c) Format
d) Agenda or programme
e) Estimated cost
f) Presenter(s) (if applicable)
g) Publicity arrangements


Preparatory to a Public Meeting the Committee shall agree:

a) Need for such a meeting
b) Objective(s)
c) Date and venue
d) Format
e) Agenda or programme
f) Estimated cost
g) Chair
h) Presenter(s) (if applicable)
i) Assigning responsibility for recording the proceedings
j) Follow-up to the meeting (if applicable)
k) Publicity arrangements


Preparatory to a social event promoted by OVEG, the Committee shall agree:

a) Nature of the event (including whether fund-raising or not)
b) Date and venue
c) The format
d) The programme
e) Estimated cost
f) Arrangements


All members of the Group are required to recognise that any meetings or events promoted by OVEG:

i) Shall be conducted without political bias.

ii) Shall fully respect any conditions applying to the premises used.

iii) Shall acknowledge and respect the special considerations due where the meeting is conducted within a Church notwithstanding its dual function as a meeting place.


a. A Special Project is a specific undertaking, outside the normal ongoing activities of the Group, relating to the Group’s objectives and involving expenditure.

b. A proposal for a new Special Project must be submitted for inclusion on the agenda of an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting and shall be subject to the approval of that meeting.

c. A proposal for a new Special Project shall state:

i. The aim or objective of the Special Project.

ii. The timescale and any milestones.

iii. A cost estimate and likely annual expenditure during the life of the Project.

iv. Finance source (e.g., Special Project Fund, fund-raising)

v. Any particular requirements or considerations including liabilities or legal aspects.

d. Any member(s) wishing to propose a new Special Project shall submit the proposal to the Committee which shall have the power to accept or decline the proposal.  If accepted the Committee, in liaison with the proposing member(s), shall detail the proposal (items 7i-v above) for submission to the AGM or SGM.  If the Committee declines the proposal then the reason(s) shall be given in writing to the proposing member(s) and shall be included in the Annual Report.

e. The AGM’s or SGM’s approval of a new Special Project shall include the year’s budget allocation for the Project with due consideration to any current Special Projects still in-hand.

f. During the life of a Special Project, a proposal for continuation of the Project, including the required budget for the year, shall be submitted for inclusion on the Agenda for each AGM by the Committee.

g. The Committee shall appoint or approve the coordinator of a Special Project and, where appropriate, members of the Project Team.

h. A Special Project coordinator shall be a member of the Group but Project Team members are not restricted to Group members.

i. A Special Project coordinator shall be an elected or co-opted Committee member during the life of the Project and shall report on Project progress, including the financial position, to the Committee as required.

j. A Special Project coordinator shall also be responsible for the setting-up of an Assets Register for the Project and provide this information to the Secretary.  The Assets Register shall record the project identity, asset description, date of acquisition, source, cost (or if on loan), asset location and in whose custody -.


The Group shall carry appropriate insurance to meet its liabilities.


Copies of the Constitution and Rules shall be available to Group members on request to the Secretary.

Adopted at SGM held on 22/4/1996.  Amended at AGM held on 25/1/1999.  Amended at AGM held on 20/3/2000. Proposed at AGM held on 29/3/2004 OXHEY VILLAGE ENVIRONMENT GROUP.