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The name of the Group shall be OXHEY VILLAGE ENVIRONMENT GROUP (OVEG), herein referred to as “the Group”.


The Group shall be non-party political, secular and non-discriminating.


a) The objectives of the Group are to:

•  maintain, protect and enhance the character and environment of Oxhey Village and its surroundings
•  foster the community spirit in the village
•  protect and support the services to the area
•  record the history of the area

b) To facilitate these objectives the Group may:

(i) affiliate to other non-party political bodies whose aims and objectives are in empathy with those of the Group and appoint representatives and delegates to such bodies.

(ii) engage in, support and co-ordinate research, publishing and other work for the furtherance of the above objectives providing that no activities of a permanent trading nature shall be undertaken by the Group.

(iii) take part in and, if necessary lead local community campaign against any action or planned action that threatens the future prosperity, safety, environment or spirit of the village and its surrounding area.


Membership of the Group shall be open to all those who support its objectives.


a) The Committee shall consist of thirteen roles, of which no more than two may be held by any one member of the Group at the same time.  These roles shall be: Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Commercial Officer, Events Co-ordinator, Fayre Co-ordinator, Planning & Environment Officer, Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Archivist, Publicity officer, Volunteers C0-ordinator and two general duties committee members.

b) To be eligible for election the candidate shall be a member of the Group and be proposed and seconded by two other members of the Group.

c) In the event that a role is vacant for any reason the Committee may appoint a member to that role (subject to 5a and 5f).  If the Chair role is vacant and all efforts to secure nominations have failed, two members may be nominated as Co-Chairs. Unless removed or they resign all Committee Members hold their roles until the next Annual General Meeting.

d) A Committee member shall be removed from the committee if at least 25 of the membership sign a detailed written request for removal and submit it to the Secretary. A Special General Meeting will then be called to vote on this motion.

e) All committee changes will be reported in the next available newsletter and on the website.

f) A committee member must be a member of the Group and may only serve for a maximum of five contiguous “Committee years”.  A period of one “Committee year” must then follow before that person may be elected into any new position. Committee members can remain without portfolio for only 2 consecutive years.


An auditor, who need not be a member of the Group, shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


The financial year shall be from 1st January to 31st December.


a) The annual subscription for members of the Group shall be as determined at either a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

b) The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Members whose subscriptions are six months in arrears shall be removed from membership


Annual General Meeting

a) The Annual General Meeting of the Group, of which at least 42 days (6 weeks) notice shall be given to all members by the Secretary, shall be held during the month of February or March following the end of the financial year.  Proposals for the agenda must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.

b) The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to receive a report from the Committee, to receive the annual accounts, to elect a Committee, to appoint an auditor and to consider any item of which due notice has been given.

Special General Meetings

c) A Special General Meeting shall be called at the request of the Committee or at the request, in writing to the Secretary, of at least twenty five members providing in detail the reason for the request.  Such meetings shall be held within at least two calendar months of receipt of such a request and not less than 14 days notice shall be given by the Secretary to all members, detailing the business to be transacted.

Committee Meetings

d) Committee Meetings shall be held at least four times in every Committee year. Five Committee Members shall constitute a quorum. In the absence of the Chair those present shall elect a Chair for the meeting from among their number. All committee members must attend at least 75% of the committee meetings.


a) All proposals affecting changes to the Constitution at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings shall require the support of at least 75% of those members present at the time of the vote to be deemed carried.

b) All other proposals shall require a simple majority of those members present at the time of the vote to be deemed carried. The Chair may exercise a casting vote.

c) Where there are two or more nominees for a Committee position then the voting shall be by secret ballot.  Two tellers, who must not be current or newly nominated committee members, shall be appointed by the Chair at the meeting,

d) Only members of the Group are eligible to vote.


a) All funds and assets in the possession of the Group shall be held, paid and applied as the Committee may direct within the Objectives of the Group. Pending such direction all funds shall be held in one or more accounts in the name of the Group with such bankers or other authorities as the Committee may from time to time direct.

b) All cheques drawn on, or authorities for withdrawal issued to, such bankers or other authorities shall be signed by any two of the following: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, one other nominated officer. All other documents requiring endorsement shall be sufficiently endorsed, and authorities for transfers between accounts in the name of the Group shall be sufficiently authorised, if signed by any one of them.

c) Proposals for expenditure above £200 must be brought to the Committee for a vote (amount to be reviewed annually at the budget setting Committee meeting).


On the authority of a proposal submitted and approved at an AGM or SGM the Group may adopt or amend the Rules under which it operates.


Committee members are permitted to incur expenses on behalf of the Group in respect of an authorised function and to be reimbursed by the Group.


The Committee shall be responsible for the general management and direction of the funds and affairs of the Group, and in particular:

(i) May nominate a member or members to serve as the Group’s representatives or delegates on another body.

(ii) May pay the whole or any part of the expenses of any member engaged in or about the execution of any of his or her functions and duties on behalf of the Group.

(iii) May form Sub-Committees for special purposes from Committee Members, members or non-members of the Group.  Such sub-Committees shall report to the Committee.


No alteration may be made to this Constitution except by, and with the authority of, a proposal submitted to, and adopted at, an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


Notices to members shall be deemed sufficiently served if delivered or sent as part of the Group’s Newsletter or delivered or sent by ordinary prepaid post to the address of the member registered on the member’s subscription form.


a) The Group may be wound up by a Resolution passed by not less than 75% majority of those members present and voting at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose for which 28 days notice shall have been given to the membership.

b) Such Resolution shall give instruction for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of the Group remaining after meeting all debts and liabilities of the Group. Such disposal shall not be among the members of the Group but shall be to such other charitable organisation or organisations having objectives similar to that of the Group.

Adopted at SGM held on 22/4/1996.  Amended at AGM held on 25/1/1999.  Amended at AGM held on 20/3/2000. Amended on 29/3/2004. Amended at SGM held on 10/5/2011. Amended at 2016 AGM.